CEO Greeting

Since its establishment in 1997, Young-Jin Hi-Tech has gone through
many difficulties due to the global recession and rapidly changing
business environment, but wisely overcome the difficulties with
the concerted efforts and pioneering spirit.
As a specialized manufacturer of the FA system, we have consolidated
our position in the industry by developing and manufacturing
the system essential for the factory automation.
In addition, our research center completed the development of
vibration motor for IT devices, and we were able to make it a new business and
expand into the component business.
We will focus on the development of core technologies and
international competitiveness, and we will continue to put efforts into the development and
commercialization of new technologies that can be the basis for the new leap forward.
Based on our management philosophy of Creativity, Sincerity, and Trust,
we will do our best to improve the corporate value, becoming a company loved by
every customer.
We would appreciate your continuous support for our journey. Thank you.
Kim Young-Ho, Chief Executive Officer

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